HeinOnline Enters the Blogosphere…

From a post on their new blog: Introducing the New HeinOnline Blog! Welcome!With so many exciting things happening everyday in HeinOnline, we are launching this blog to provide on-demand information to users around the world! This blog will offer insight to our newest products, notify customers of our latest interface enhancements, and share tips to help improve customers research experience. Anyone from students and librarians to professionals world-wide will be able to use our blog to communicate with our development team, share tips with other subscribers, or simply to read what other HeinOnline users are saying.Additionally, we will be offering Blog giveaways to our faithful readers. Don’t miss your chance to win prizes including: ipods, iphones, and much more! This blog was created for you, our loyal users, therefore we encourage your feedback to tell us what particular topics you would like to hear more about in this blog. We are always looking for ways to better serve our loyal customers.

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