Emma Williams Retirement Party

Emma Lucy

Librarians don’t retire, they just get re-shelved.

It was a great pleasure and honor to attend the retirement party for our former NJLLA president, Emma Williams. After 29 years of service, Emma leaves the Board of Public Utilities with great affection and praise from all who know her. She was commended by colleagues, friends, Commissioners, lawyers, judges, family and the NJLLA for her many contributions.

Emma is well known for her enthusiastic and welcoming personality. She was recognized for her service to others, for her organizational skills, for her constant ability to provide information at all levels, and for her consummate professionalism.

The NJLLA was privileged to have her serve as our president. She was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation from the NJLLA . The New Jersey librarians wish Emma and her family much happiness in the new phase of her life as she leaves NJ for Georgia.

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