Grants and Awards Committee

Chair: Kathy Taggart

Joni Cassidy
Wei Fang
Mary Knodel
Caroline Young

Board Liaison: Brittany Persson

Committee Charge: To administer grants and awards and to compose resolutions presented during the year.

Grant to Attend AALL

2017 NJLLA Grant: Karen Oesterle (Essay)
2017 AALL Registration Grant: Dinah Minkoff (Essay)
2016 NJLLA Grant: Joanne Murphy (Essay) 
2015 NJLLA Grant: Kristina E. Anderson (Essay)
2014 NJLLA Grant & AALL Registration Grant: Lusiella Fazzino (Essay)
2013 NJLLA Grant: Arbana Frasheri Gjoca (Essay)
2012 NJLLA Grant: Brittany Persson (Essay)
2011 NJLLA Grant: Dennis Kim-Prieto (Essay)
2010 NJLLA Grant: Sarah Jaramillo (Essay)
2009 NJLLA Grant: Anne Shulman (Essay)
2008 NJLLA Grant & AALL Registration Grant: Wei Fang (Essay)
2007 NJLLA Northeast Regional Grant: Kathleen Agno (Essay)
2007 NJLLA Grant: Yu-Hui Chuang (Essay)
2006 NJLLA Grant: Henry Gozdz (Essay)
2005 NJLLA Grant: Renee Cullman (Essay)
2005 AALL Registration Grant: Kevin Reiss (Essay)

Virginia Till Lemmon Award
2016: Helen Busness
2015: Ruth Ware
2014: Zanada Joyner
2013: Kipp Charles Leland
2012: Leann Lydon
2011: Ann Lee
2010: Michelle Whitehead
2009: Jessica Lundgren
2008: Andrea Simzak
2007: Peter Gigante
2006: Huy Chu
2005: Renee Cullman