Supreme Court Rules Committee Reports

Back in 2009-10, at the recommendation of NJLLA, the Judiciary web site added a single index page leading to the biannual and annual pages that provide links to the reports of the various Supreme Court Rules Committees. That index page, which was at, has now been missing for some months, while a dead link to it remains in the “Quick Index” to the Judiciary web site. Communication to the Judiciary webmaster has been unavailing. The biannual and annual pages of reports are still on the site, and their addresses are consistently constructed, using the final year of the reporting cycle. For example, the page for the reports of the 2000-2002 cycle (the earliest reports on the site) is found at, and those of the the 2009-2011 cycle (currently the latest ones) are at The Rutgers Law Library has compiled links to all the report pages at

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