Bloomberg Law’s New Jersey materials

Some notes based on brief examination of New Jersey materials in Bloomberg Law in early August 2010: The Statutes, Pamphlet Laws, N.J.Admin.Code, Court Rules, and Administrative Directives appear to be the same as found in Loislaw. N.J.Admin Code was updated only through the June 7, 2010 N.J.R. Proposed Rulemaking was current through Aug.2, 2010, but without N.J.R. citations. Case law appears complete and current as to published cases, but there are very few unpublished opinions. The Bloomberg Law Digest, still under development, is heavily based on New York and federal cases; I could find only a few dozen New Jersey cases included in it. Out of a sample of twelve cases with negative treatment noted in Shepard’s and KeyCite, Bloomberg Law’s BCite noted the negative treatment on only five of them.

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