Congressional Record Coming to HeinOnline

Posted today on the govdoc listserv:

Thank you for bringing this Govdoc’s listserv query to our attention. I suppose that now is a prudent time to let the cat out of the bag and provide you with some good news. The William S. Hein & Co., Inc., through its HeinOnline interface, will be releasing a digitized version of the Congressional Record. The first release, due in June 2007, will include the following titles:

  • Congressional Record V. 1-10 (bound), and V. 142 to date (paper)
  • Annals of Congress
  • Register of Debates
  • Congressional Globe
  • Journals of the Continental Congress
  • American State Papers

It is our intention to continue forward with the bound volumes, and simultaneously continue backward with the paper edition, until the two meet and overlap. We expect this collection to be available in its infancy in June 2007, with the remainder of Congressional Record volumes available sometime in the year 2008.

The Congressional Record module will be billed a-la-carte as an additional library module that can be subscribed to through the HeinOnline interface.

In addition to the above, we have digitized and will make available, during the second half of 2007, the following titles in their entirety.

  • Administrative Decisions under Immigration and Nationality Laws
  • Atomic Energy Commission, Reports, Opinions and Decisions
  • Comptroller General of the United States. Decisions
  • Controller General of the United States. Index Digest of Published Decisions.
  • Copyright Decisions
  • Decisions of the Commissioner of Patents
  • Federal Communications Commission Record
  • Federal Communications Commission. Reports. U.S. Federal Trade
  • Federal Trade Commission. Decisions. U.S. Federal Trade
  • Internal Revenue Cumulative Bulletin. Office of Internal Revenue. U. S. Treasury
  • Interstate Commerce Acts Annotated
  • National Labor Relations Act. Court Decisions
  • National Labor Relations Board. Decisions and Orders
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission Issuances
  • Reports of the Tax Court of the United States
  • Reports of the United States Board of Tax Appeals
  • Securities and Exchange Commission. Decisions and Reports
  • Securities and Exchange Commission. Judicial Decisions. U.S. Securities and Exchange
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